Spatula fish

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The spatula fish (polyodon spathula) of the mississippi valley is one of the oldest fish that exist on earth. They are also one of the strangest fish species. Spatula fish are not really catfish at all as their name implies. The spatula fish was in danger of extinction, but is returning. Research says that the spatula catfish or spatula fish must have been present for at least 300 million years.

Fish spatula features

The snout in small individuals is more than 1/3 of the total length of the fish. The mouth is large, lacks teeth (in adults) and is well below the head. Small eyes, just above the front edge of the mouth and directed down and forward instead of to the side. The gill cover has a fleshy and pointed flap. The tail is bifurcated, the upper lobe longer than the lower. No scales, except for a patch on the tail.

1 – size and weight of the fish spatula

The spatula fish measures on average 2.10 meters long and usually reaches a weight of 72 kilograms, even more.

2 – feed feed spatula

Spatula fish swim slowly through the water with their mouths wide open, feeding on small crustaceans and insects in their elaborate and nearby grills.

3 – lifetime of the spatula fish

The spatulafish can live up to 30 years of age or more.

Spatula fish habitat

Spatula fish live mainly in the open waters of large rivers, swimming continuously near the surface and probably do not have a specific range. As the waters rise in the spring, the spatula fish move upstream to sand bars to spawn.

Reproduction of the spatula fish

Spawning occurs at the end of spring in times of high water; the eggs are deposited on gravel bars without silt where, during normal water levels, they are exposed to air or covered with very shallow water. The eggs hatch and the fish are dragged downstream to deeper ponds where they grow into adulthood. The spatula fish can reach a length of 25 cm to 35 cm in its first year, and at the age of 17 it can be 1.50 meters long.

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