What does the tuna eat?

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There are several types of tuna, the best known is the bluefin tuna is known as Thunnus thynnus and belongs to the family Scombridae. It is known as Atlantic bluefin tuna and giant red tuna, can exceed 150 kg.

They can swim at speeds of 3 to 7 km / h, some reach 70 km / h and 110 km / h in short distances. They are fish that inhabit pelagic oceans that can travel long distances in their migrations. A tuna can dive to 400 m depth.

Tuna feeding
It will depend on the tuna species.

Blue fin tuna
It is a fish of high speed, large size and aggressiveness. They consume a great variety of fish such as herring, sandfish sole, mackerel, anchovies, flying fish, shrimp, squid, eels and mojarras as well as smaller tunas.

They eat at dawn, at noon and in the evening.

Yellowfin tuna
It is a tuna that usually feed on the surface of the sea and in the depths of the oceans. It feeds on octopuses, dolphins, lobsters, its favorite is the (lobster, C. smithii), tuna and squid.

Albacore tuna
Its diet varies according to its habitat, it can be found on the surface of shallow waters where it consumes small presas such as shrimps and crabs.

Bigeye tuna
It feeds on any small fish that swim near them. They feed near the surface and their favorites are squids and crustaceans. Those that feed in the depths feed on cephalopods and mesopelagic species.

Characteristics of tuna
The common characteristics of tunas are the presence of two dorsal fins, the first supported by thorns and the second by soft rays.

Its body is plump, covered with scales, with a dark blue back and the belly of silver color without any type of stain.

    Albacore tuna or  Thunnus albacares (Thunnus alalunga)
    Albacore tuna or Thunnus albacares (Thunnus alalunga)
    or albacore (Thunnus alalunga) The white tuna
    Sport fishing of yellowfin tuna
    Sport fishing of yellowfin tuna
    As previously mentioned we know that yellowfin
    Yellowfin Tuna
    Yellowfin Tuna
    Yellowfin or yellowfin tuna is one of
    Wahoo fish
    Wahoo fish
    Wahoo is a fish that can be

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