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Mackerel is a blue fish also known as sarda, verdel or verta. It is very appreciated for its flavor and for the consistency of its meat. Like tuna and bonito, mackerel belongs to the family of the Escómbridos.

Mackerel or green
Mackerel is very abundant in the waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, from the British Isles to the coasts of North Africa; as well as in the western Atlantic, specifically on the coasts of the United States and Canada. It is a fish that also abounds in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It can be found up to 250 meters deep. During the winter, the mackerel remains at the bottom of the sea without feeding. When the spring months arrive, it returns to the surface.

The best-known species
Common mackerel (Scomber scombrus), is the one described in this chapter ..

Starling (Scomber japonicus). It is a kind of appearance very similar to mackerel but it has a differentiating feature, some spots on its bottom. In many cases it is marketed as if it were mackerel. The starling is a fish characteristic of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and its commercial importance is remarkable ..

Pintoja mackerel (Scomber australasicus). This species belongs to the genus of the Escómbridos, like the mackerel and the starling, although its commercial value is lower.

Form: Long and slightly compressed body covered with very small scales.
Minimum size: 18 cm
Color: Its body is blue, while its fins and belly are gray with silver tones. Its back is covered with thin black transverse lines.
Length and weight: Mackerel can measure 50 centimeters and weigh 3 kilos. However, the most frequent thing is that its length is around 30 centimeters and its weight is about 250-300 grams.
Feeding: Mackerel feeding is quite extensive and includes from crustaceans to different pelagic species such as sardines or small herrings.

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