Hammerhead shark habitat facts

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Hammerhead shark habitat facts

Among all the animals we find different types that are characterized by different traits that make them particular, be it their habitat, feeding, reproduction or any special trait. You find in the note of today all the information about the hammerhead you need to have.

Popular Name: Hammerhead Fish, Hammerhead Shark, Giant Horned.
Scientific Name: Sphyrna mokarran
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Sphyrnidae

Hammerhead shark characteristics

This fish is the largest species of hammerhead shark (since there are several). All these species are characterized by the shape of their head which is what gives them their popular name, since it has a T shape, with the nostrils and eyes at the ends of the head, which facilitates that when swimming and moving the head from side to side has a complete vision, even of what is left behind.

Like almost all sharks, this one has a dark coloration on the back and a lighter color on the belly, so that when seen from above it is confused with the dark background and seen from below, with the clarity of the surface. This counter-coloration that sharks have serves to catch their prey.

It usually measures about 4 meters but can reach 6 and weigh half a ton.

Their smell is so developed that they can detect a drop of blood a mile and a half.

The fins are edible especially in Asia, but currently their hunting for human consumption is prohibited in several countries.

Hammerhead shark Feeding

It feeds on other fish such as eels, dolphin fish, bream, groupers, squid, rays, crabs and other sharks.

Hammerhead shark habitat facts

It is found in all temperate and warm oceans in coastal areas.
They can be found near the coasts or in depths up to about 300 meters. They can also migrate to where the fresh water of the rivers mixes with the salt of the seas.

Hammerhead shark Reproduction

They are characterized by being viviparous, that is, they do not lay eggs but they give birth to live animals. The pregnancy usually lasts about 8 months but can reach 16, after which the babies are born ready to survive alone and measure about 50 centimeters. For every laying, between 15 and 30 pups are born approximately.

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