Lacustrine trout facts and habitat

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Characteristics of the lacustre trout

Like other fish, lake trout have light spots on a dark background that can vary from light green to almost black. In the pectoral, pelvic and anal fins there is a narrow border, sometimes indistinct and white. The lake trout is distinguished from other fish by its deeply forked tail.

1 – size and weight of the lacustre trache

In the inari lake the lacustrine trout reach to measure normally 40 to 80 cm in length and in spite of between 0.7 to 2 kg, at most they can arrive to weigh 7 kilograms.

2 – appearance of the lacustre trache

The lake trout has light spots on a black to gray background, which progressively becomes clear, moving along the side of the fish. The belly is white. The lower fins are often orange to orange-red with a white front edge. The darker colored back has a dorsal fin and a fat fin. The tail or caudal fin is deeply bifurcated with upper and lower lobes of equal size. The anal fin has 8-10 rays with a white front edge.

Habitat of the lacustre trout

The native range of lake trout includes the cold water regions of northern canada, alaska, the great lakes and parts of new england. The species has been widely introduced outside of its native range in many parts of the western united states and in other areas, including new zealand, south america and sweden.

Feeding of the lacustre trout

Of juveniles, the lake trout feed on zooplankton and small invertebrates. As they mature, their feeding patterns change and the fish become opportunistic piscivorous.

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