How to care for a telescope fish

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The fish telescope, also known as the moro fish or dragon eyes, is a freshwater fish characterized mainly by its bulging eyes, its round and short body with a double caudal and anal fin.

We will teach you how to take care of the fish telescope perfectly, as well as the varieties that exist of this fish.

The best way to care for a telescope fish

Keep the aquarium in a dark place: The eyes of this fish are very sensitive to light, and being exposed for a long time can end up causing fungi to grow in the eyes. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep the aquarium in a dark place in the house where there is not much sunlight or light from the lamps.
Fill the aquarium with warm water: For perfect care of the telescope fish it is best that the aquarium has water at warm temperatures, because these fish can withstand temperatures between 10 – 24 ºC. Therefore, you will not need a thermostat to regulate the water temperature.

Low charge the aquarium: Fish like the telescope fish is not good that they are in an aquarium loaded with sharp objects, something that has many aquarium ornaments. Therefore, the best thing to do is to have a very simple aquarium for this fish. Also do not place large objects, because these fish have little vision and can collide with them.

Check the power of the filters: The telescope fish is not a very good swimmer, so you should not put a filter for the water that generates strong currents or swallow it, ending your life.

Change the water often: Since they need good oxygenation in the water, it is advisable to change the water at least once a week.

Distribute the meals well: For the proper care of a Moor fish, do not abuse the meals, as they have a low stomach capacity. For this reason it is necessary to distribute the meals in small doses several times a day. It is an omnivorous fish, but preferably it is better to give it a food that contains a lot of vegetables.

Choose the right fish tank: These fish require a fish tank with a capacity of 70 liters for proper growth, so it is not advisable to have this fish in a round fish tank.

Put an air pump: They need the water to be well oxygenated, so you will not only have to change it often, but it is also advisable to put an air pump, even a small one, to receive the water correctly.
Gather two or more fish: Not for them to breed with each other, but the fish telescope appreciates the company of their peers. To take care of the fish telescope it is best to have a partner, or partner if you do not want to lay eggs. If you are going to be accompanied by another species, do not choose the fry, because they can become your food.

Varieties of fish telescope

This fish so characteristic of China, presents these varieties:

Black: It is the most classic variety that is known as black moro fish. Your skin is totally dark.

Orange: Unlike the previous one, this fish has a vivid orange color on its skin, but in appearance it is identical to black.

Goldfish: Combine the colors black and orange in a single fish, as if it were a mixture of both.

Fish compatible with the telescope fish

However, this fish is not compatible with all types of fish, since the temperatures that each fish can support are not the same nor the swimming speed, the type of filter varies. You can combine this fish with:

Another fish telescope: Actually it would be the best option, because among those of their own race are those who best understand each other.

Golden pearl scale: It is a variety of Goldfish and will be the best companion of the telescope fish, as they are a variety of their species.

Tetra Cardinal: They can be together, but you have to be aware that Telescopes sometimes eat them.

Corydoras: Fully compatible.

Golden lion head: Another variety that will be fully compatible with your telescope fish.

But when it comes to putting another fish in the tank, keep in mind:

The fish telescope is a slow fish, so you can not put fast-swimming fish in the aquarium, such as guramy or sumatran, which will steal the food from fish.
Do not mix cold water fish with hot water, the telescope can withstand low temperatures, but if you put hot water fish, these will attack the fish to be able to warm up.

The hooked fish is not recommended to combine it with the telescope or the Goldfish variety, because they tend to bother them a lot and they end up dying due to stress.
Caring for a fish telescope can be quite an experience, and quite simple, especially for the little ones, and if the aquarium is well prepared, it will not require much more care than changing the water and controlling the amount of food that is required.

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