How to care for a spike fish

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The spike fish is one of the most beautiful specimens that exist, not in vain it is also known as rainbow fish of Madagascar, because it has a great diversity of colors.

With a few simple tips, you will learn how to care for a spike fish and you can wear a beautiful aquarium with this specimen.

How to care for a spike fish correctly

Choose your companions with care: This species is very calm, so it is not recommended that you put it with fish that are very violent or territorial. In addition, the females are much smaller than the males, so they could attack them to eat them.

Acquire a large aquarium: Although we fish quietly, they turn out to be inveterate swimmers, that is, they love to move. Therefore it is best that the aquarium is as large as possible, especially if you are going to have more than one. You must acquire at least one of 80 cm.

Watch them during the reproduction period: They are very calm fish except when they reproduce, in that case they can end up becoming quite aggressive, so if they are with other fish you will have to watch them well so there are no problems or isolate them to another fish tank so that they do not feel threatened by the rest of the fish.
Feed them well: The food of these fish should mainly be living beings such as larvae, since they are part of their diet. But you can also be given another type of more specific food that they have in stores.

They can live in salt water: Although it is a freshwater fish, curiously these fish like salt water. So you can add a little sea salt or salt to salt the water a bit without any problem. But do not put them to live with saltwater species, because so much salt level could end their lives.

Control the temperature of the water: For these fish to live well, the temperature of the water must be between 20-27 degrees, so it would be good to acquire a thermometer and a heater for the aquarium, that way you can have well controlled this point.

Illuminate the aquarium well: So that the fish do not get stressed, and adapt well to the aquarium, the lighting during daylight hours should be direct, while at night it should be indirect.

Clean the aquarium: At least once a month, but in regard to water should do it once a week, changing between 20% or 30% and replacing it with new.

Fish compatible with the spike fish

As for the species with which they can live together, you can choose:

Other tang fish
Angel fish

Caring for a spike fish is not extremely complicated, and as it is compatible with many fish and quiet, it will always adorn your aquarium well. But if you want to have some beautiful fish that dazzle your aquarium, then you have to have an exclusive bank of this species.

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