Gourami fish size

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Size: up to 30 centimeters.
Family: Helostomatidae.
Type of fish: freshwater.
Colors: silver, pink, yellow-green.
Average life: between 5 and 6 years.
The kissing gourami (or gourami besucón as it is also often said) is a fish of accumulated stagnant waters such as swamps, puddles or lakes of slight activity. It comes from the species Helostoma temminckii, whose family is typical of river fish. It receives its name from Greek because of the appearance of its mouth (stoma = mouth). It is distributed especially in the rivers of Thailand and Malaysia in areas near rivers of tropical water. They are also common in rice fields in Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo and Java, especially in areas where there are calm waters. The kissing Gourami is considered a patomodromo, that is, a type of fish that migrates between different parts of a river without leaving fresh water.

Characteristics of Gourami Besucón

The Gourami Besucón is an oval-shaped fish compressed laterally. It can measure between 30 centimeters in length. It has thick and large lips that give the impression of being equal to those of a human mouth. Their teeth are of teaspoon type (in palatine and pharynx). It is ivory, although there are varieties pink, yellow-green or silver. It usually has longitudinal stripes formed by points on its flanks. The males have the fin finished in point with branched rays. The females, on the other hand, the fin is rounded with the belly slightly more bulky.

They enjoy a good popularity worldwide, so there are numerous offspring of these fish to trade in aquariums around the world. Having the habit of “kissing” other fish has gained a relatively high reputation.

Gourami Besucón: aquarium for the Helostoma temmincki
The kissing gourami is a fish that can measure up to 30 centimeters. This means that you should try to keep it in an aquarium of at least 100 liters. The best thing is that it is an aquarium endowed with a good amount of plants, coarse gravel and pebbles in abundance. The plants of the aquarium that contain it must be hard since the pecking of this fish are frequent. Ideally, the temperature should be between 22 ° C and 28 ° C. The filtering must be efficient. The water must have a PH that is between 6.8 and 8.5 (with a hardness of up to 30 °).

It should be remembered that although the kissing gourami is a fish considered omnivore, vegetables are an important part of their diet. Seaweed, scales, manoplacton, lettuce, spinach and peas are excellent options. The algae are also recommended.

As for the behavior, the Gourami besucón is a species recognized for having a high level of sociability with all the companions of its aquarium. Larger males may have some disputes over the hierarchical rank. They usually do it by pushing those who are smaller to demonstrate their dominance. This demonstration of hierarchy does not usually cause damage among aquarium companions.

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