American catfish species

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American catfish species

The American Catfish or American Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) is native to the Neartic, is the largest and most heavily caught species in the United States, due to its popularity, size and good taste when cooked, this catfish has been introduced to others places too, like Indonesia.

Characteristics of the fish american cat

A catfish is easily distinguished from other fish species by its smooth, scaleless bodies. The American catfish is olive blue to light blue with black specks on the sides, has a forked tail, mustache-like organs around the mouth, a broad, flat head, and a slender body. The males are usually darker in color and have a larger head than the females. Catfish has a very sharp sense of smell and taste. The whiskers, known as “barbels”, are around their mouths with the purpose of helping them locate food in the dark waters. In addition, they have taste buds all over the surface of their body.

Size and weight of the fish american cat

The American Jack Fish grows continuously; The bigger the fish, the older it is. On average, American catfish weigh between 0.90 kilograms and 3 kg, measuring 30 cm to 60 centimeters long. However, many grow much more than this, with a record of 26 kilograms and 132 cm.

Food of the american cat fish

The American catfish is omnivorous and feeds mainly at night on snails, insects, locusts, algae and plants. They have an excellent sense of smell to guide them and are attracted to foods with the strongest smell. Juveniles eat small invertebrates and insect larvae. Your diet changes as you get older.

Habitat of the fish american cat

The American Catfish is found in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams from Hudson Bay in Canada to northern Mexico and Colorado. They are near the bottom and prefer clay backgrounds to anything else.

Reproduction of the fish american cat

Spawning is the egg-laying process. The American and male American Jack Fish construct a nest in woods, weeds or submerged rocks. This area is generally isolated and easily protected from predators. The female lays her eggs in the nest, which is a flat surface covered in bubbles produced by the parents. You can put from a few hundred eggs to about 21,000. The older the fish is and how big it is, determine how many eggs it will put. The male then sprinkles them with sperm to fertilize them. Some catfish, such as the white and channel varieties, protect their eggs until they hatch. The eggs of the American catfish take about 10 days to mature and hatch. Once born, babies (called fry) are protected by the male until they are one week old. Once the week is over, the fry leave the nest.

Tips for fishing the american cat fish

Eating habits depend on a variety of different factors such as weather, season and time of day.

The catfish feeds from dusk to midnight.

Fish in the background for more luck.

The catfish bites all year.

Find the correct fishing rail that you feel most comfortable using. A catfish rod is a sturdy rod to use if you plan to shoot large fish.

Pitchers, trotlines, and limbs are all popular ways for fishermen to catch catfish without a rod.

It is recommended that you use a heavier line of weights than you use for other types of fish.

The most common bait for fishing for this species includes night rakes, chicken liver, grasshoppers, minnows, cut bait, bait, cheese, hot dogs, and even chewing gum!

Use a sponge hook when fishing with splashes or bait for fishing.

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