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Types of fish found in Florida

The types of fish found in Florida are diverse and wide as the water that surrounds it, remember that this entire area is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the waters near Cuba, not to mention the lakes and channels that make up many of Miami’s parks, for this reason we will describe the species that you can find according to the type of habitat where they are developed.

Before fishing you should take into account that …
The State of Florida is clear with the rules to be followed regarding fishing activity, since it regulates the use that you can give to the species according to the class and types of fish that exist in the place you decide to visit, regardless of whether the habitat It is fresh or salt water. For this reason, every fisherman must identify each of these species, to know if their extraction is allowed or not, their consumption, the size they should have, if they can cause damage to health, the daily limits by species and by fisherman, the season in which you can find them, if it is a dangerous, protected species (such as sailfish) or if it is in danger of extinction (such as sturgeon and “pupfish”).

Also, you must inform yourself if you need a fishing license in Florida and what kind of license you have to manage, all with the intention that you can enjoy a fishing day, without the risk of incurring in fouls to the State of Florida and its laws, If you need more detail on how to manage a license, we invite you to read our article. Learn all about fishing regulations in Florida.

Types of fish according to the type of water.
The Commission for the Conservation of Fisheries, Wildlife and Flora of Florida (FWC), the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF), several universities and other institutions responsible for the preservation of the species of fish, algae and other plants of the world aquatic, take the identification and safeguarding of the fish very seriously, highlighting among them the following:

Saltwater fish:
Each of these 53 different types of fish can be found in the extensive salty waters that surround Miami and for each of them prevail parameters in terms of the length they should have and the number they can get as a fisher: butterflies, angels , sandpaper cochitos, gobies, guasetas, cabrillas, bocones, parrot, donkey flag, boat, hedgehog fish, raccoon, surgeons, maidens and ladies, bass, tambourine nose, scuffed guanábana, boquinetes, black stripe, eels, cod, amberjack (crowned , striped and striped), billfishes (sailfish), black drum, anjova, macabí, cobía, golden fish, sole, pollack, chema (black, american, yellow and painted), macaw, grouper (black and redhead), carito, common and smooth striped saw.

You can also get pompano (palometa, yellow and strand), corvineta ocelada, red sorghum, American shad, shark, sorghum chopa, snapper (lamarita, cubera, biajaiba, raicero, canchix and mulatto), red snapper, sea bream, corvina pinta, swordfish, yellow rabbit, white stingray, Atlantic dozer, breastplate and weakfish.
Freshwater fish:

The species of freshwater fish mentioned below can be found in lakes and channels, where the fisherman should also take into account the regulations regarding the use or not of boats, fishing rods and any other type of gear. As well as if its consumption is allowed or not, or on the contrary it must be returned to its natural habitat:

Catfish, peacock butterfly fish, black bass, sea bass and shad, peacock, freshwater guinea fowl, oscar fish, handsome jaguar, spotted tilapia, panfish, are some of the types of fish you can fish in fresh water.

As you can see, there are many varieties of species that exist in the state of Florida, if you want to know in detail the characteristics of each of them, it is necessary to locate brochures where you can visualize them, and if you want to know the size that the species should have for its extraction according to the regulations we will tell you in a future article, and to finalize as always we recommend you have the advice of experts and equipment for fishing that you can get in M ​​& B Marine Supply.

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