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The fish of Costa Rica live in a small country located north of Panama in Central America. This country has a very large hydrographic extension, since it borders the oceans to the east and west. However, the number of rivers in this small country is immense, mentioning the most important rivers such as the river Sapoá, San Carlos, Frio, Haciendas, Sarapiquí, Sixaola, Colorado, Chirripó north, Pacuare, Tempisque. The basin of the Rio Grande de Tárcoles, one of the largest and most important, and also the Grande de Térraba river, being the largest and most abundant in the country. By having so many aquifer masses, biodiversity is magnificent.

Fish species of Costa Rica
Costa Rica has a large number of rivers, lakes and in addition to that with east and west coast. It is to be expected that the fish of Costa Rica have a great marine, lacustrine and fluvial diversity. The booby fish, associated with the rivers of the Atlantic zone of the country, Gaspar fish, lives in slow waters in the river plain of the Atlantic area, Guapote lagoon, Guapote pinto, Guabina, Tilapias, grunt, Mojarra. In the marine masses we find sailfish, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, among many others that swim in large hydrographic areas.

The roosterfish fish is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable fish in Costa Rica, since its dorsal part has a series of spines. It lives along the Pacific zone of Costa Rica on sandbanks or rock formations and reefs. Although they are easy to fish, they give battle when they do it because they are very strong fish. The best place to find them is in Los Sueños (Costa Rica). They feed on small fish, squid, crabs and other crustaceans. The rooster fish has no gastronomic value, they are released live after the photo that the fisherman decides to take.

The Peto or Wahoo is a fish that can be found in Los Sueños (Costa Rica). This fish usually does not swim alone or in small herds (less than 10). They prefer rocky points or islands to the open sea (Isla los cocos). This fish is not very big, however it gives a strong fight at the time of being captured, its meat is delicious.

Guapote pinto
The Guapote pinto or guapote tiger lives in rivers and lagoons of the Atlantic zone and north of Costa Rica. It is a primary carnivore, a very aggressive fish that bases its diet on crustaceans and other fish of Costa Rica. This fish is characterized by a large mouth and black spots on its skin. The Guapote pinto is fast growing, good size in adulthood and good taste. This species can exceed 25 centimeters in length. It is a fish very common throughout the country for consumption.

Fishing in rivers of Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a true fishing paradise for those who enjoy this activity or for those who practice it as a commercial activity.
Marine fishing, lake fishing and river fishing are the three types of fishing practiced in Costa Rica.
The main fish exploitation areas of Costa Rica, according to the Ministry of Environment, are the Gulf of Papagayo, coastal waters off Cabo Vela, Boca del Golfo de Nicoya and Isla de Coco in the open sea.
Lacustrine fishing being the most frequented places Lake Cote, Laguna Arenal and Cachi reservoir.
The type of fishing most practiced in Costa Rica is undoubtedly river or river fishing, the distances are short and there are many rivers in which to practice it.
The best-known rivers are in the area of ​​Puerto Limon especially in the Pacuare, Tortuguero and Matina rivers.

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