How to care for an angel fish

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Perhaps the angel fish, also called the scalar, is one of the most beautiful varieties that exist, with very striking and colorful colors, with a body in the shape of a crescent moon that makes its fins remember an angel of truth.

Learning how to take care of an angel fish properly is very easy, and to do it well, this fish can live many years and make you quite company.

How to properly care for an angel fish
Acquire a large aquarium: Although people think otherwise, the angelfish can have a considerable size, so it needs at least 55 liters to swim by its side. In the event that you are going to have more than one, you will have to double the amount of water in the aquarium and its size.
Keep the water warm: This species is of warm seas, so you will have to keep the water at a temperature of 24 degrees, for which it is recommended to install a heater along with a thermometer, in order to control that the water temperature is always the optimal
Regulate the power of the filter: The angel fish is a very quiet variety, so the filter should not cause strong currents or sudden movements in the water, or the fish will feel uncomfortable.
Change the water every week: It is not necessary to empty the entire aquarium, so that 20% of the total amount of water in the interior will change once a week will suffice. As for the total cleaning of the aquarium, it is best to do it at least once a month, so that mold does not form.
Give the right food: The best thing is that this fish eat twice a day, giving it dry flakes. But, from time to time you can give blood worms, which are dry, because if they are alive the fish can get some bacteria.
Be careful with the companions: Being a fish so calm, the best thing for this fish is that there are fish that are just like him. Also, remember that if you put more fish with this, you should increase the size of the aquarium and the amount of water, so that the angel fish feels calm and can swim to your liking.
Fishes compatible with the angel fish
So, the fish you can get with this fish are:

Angel fish
Cory Catfish
Ramírez Dwarf Cichlid
Medium Tetras
However, what you should not include are:

Neon Tetra
Tiger Barb
Beta fish
Bullet shark
Think that you can not put fish that are very fast or active, or that will cause the angelfish to become altered and become very aggressive. Also, do not put fish that are not compatible or little with it, because it will eat them.

It is not difficult to take care of an angel fish correctly, you just need to set a time for feeding and cleaning the aquarium and you can have it by your side for quite some time. Due to its size it is not very good idea that it is the first fish of a child if you want to learn about responsibility, it is better to take care of an adult.

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