How to care for a Goldfish

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The Goldfish, called by many as the golden carp or the carassius auratus, is one of the most popular species that exist, especially for the longevity that can be your life if you receive the proper care and beauty that transmits see it in the aquarium.

Following these tips, you will learn how to care for a Goldfish fish without any problems, and also find out the different varieties of this fish that exist.

How to properly care for a Goldfish fish
You can have more than one: One of the curiosities of Goldfish is that there are many varieties within the same species, with different sizes and shapes, which allows you to buy more than one fish of the same species but different for the aquarium or fish tank Look dazzling and as they are compatible with each other, you will not have to worry about them getting damaged between them.

Keep an eye on your companions: If you have placed other fish of different species with the Goldfish, you should watch them well, since this fish is very slow and if you put fish faster they will leave you without food. So you should place fish that are just as slow.

Avoid currents: Avoid currents in the aquarium, as this would harm this fish that moves so slowly.
Try to eat the right thing: Goldfish is a very sweet fish, so it does not matter how much food you feed, you will always eat it. Therefore, it is best to check with the store where you buy the amount of food you should give to not exceed. If not, what you can do is a small experiment: it says that what a Goldfish should eat is the amount that can be consumed in two minutes, then, take food to the aquarium and check how much you can eat in two minutes. So you will know what is the right amount to give it.

Have a good aquarium: Adult Goldfish require around 38 liters of water to swim and feel at ease. If you are going to have only one, you will not have problems, but if you want to have several, you will need a large aquarium.
Change the water often: Although it will suffice to change the equivalent of 20% of the total amount of the fish tank or aquarium a week, it would be good to change the total water once at least and clean all the decoration included.
Keep an eye on the scenery: As some varieties of fish of this species, such as the bubble eye or the telescope, do not see very well and could be damaged if there are sharp objects in the water.
Varieties of Goldfish

As for the Goldfish species, they can be differentiated into three varieties:

By the head:

Oranda: Fish known by the name of High Head, because its growth occurs mostly in its head. It has a double caudal fin, a short round body with a dorsal fin.

Lionhead: The well-known lion head gets its name because it reminds a little of a lion, they do not have a dorsal fin but a double caudal fin, with a short and rectangular body.

Ranchu: It costs a bit to differentiate it from the previous variety, but they differ in that the curvature of its back is more pronounced than that of the lion’s head.
According to the shape of the eye:

Bubble Eye: It receives the name by the enormous sacks of liquid in the part inferior of both eyes, that move at the same time as the fish nothing, reason why it is a variety of the Goldfish very famous.
Celestial: The name of this fish is given because its eyes protrude and always look up, as if it will look at the sky.
Telescope: The eyes are protruding outward, like the celestial fish, however in this case the fish can look in any direction. However, they do not have a very good view.
Double caudal fin:

Pearl scale: The scales of this fish resemble pearls, which is why it receives this name. The scales cover the upper part of the body, have a pointed head and do not have as much growth as other varieties.
Chinese pompom: They have pompoms located in the nose of the fish and reaches the size equivalent to a bee.
Veil Tail: It is perhaps one of the most beautiful varieties of Goldfish. It has an egg-shaped body and very long fins that are very elegant to look at.
Do not doubt that taking care of a Goldfish fish can be quite an experience, and it will be completely integrated with any of the varieties of the species indicated in this article. Above all it is better to mix them with those of their own species, to avoid possible problems.

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