How to care for a crossbow fish

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Crossbow fish have gained much fame in recent times because of their shape and how easy it is to take care of them.

If you are thinking of starting with an aquarium, then this kind of fish is the best you can choose to start as a beginner in this world.

How to care for a crossbow fish
To be able to take care of a crossbow fish, simply follow these steps:

Fill the aquarium with the right amount: When you buy a crossbow fish, you have to take into account the size they will have once they are adults (some varieties reach up to 50 cm), so if you are going to have more than 1 you should think of a aquarium that can be filled with 400 liters for each crossbow fish.
Buy an aquarium of the right size: A normal crossbow fish, let’s say a clown crossbow fish, requires an aquarium that is 1.20 meters long x 60 deep x 60 high. If you are going to have more than one, you will have to increase the size of the aquarium a little so that they are well together without bothering you.
Acúrate it to a routine: This type of fish is one of the variety that they eat the most, with powerful jaws so they are carnivorous fish. You can give them mollusks, algae, detritus, worms, crustaceans … but if you can accustom them to commercial food much better.
Regulates the water: You will have to ensure that the pH of the water is always between 8 and 8.3, maintaining the density between 1020 and 1024.
A warm temperature: This species is used to warm tropical waters, so you will have to maintain a temperature between 23 and 26 ° C more or less to be comfortable. For this same reason, you should never put other fish that may be in colder waters, because they would die.
Find a warm place in the house: Although you can regulate the temperature of the water with a heater, if you have an area of ​​the house where they get the sun, you can put the aquarium there and for the day directly receive sunlight and water l It is hot alone. Be very careful in this aspect during the summer months that the water does not get too hot.
Adorn the aquarium properly: Put enough live rock, also putting pots, amphoras, pots so they can shelter.
Filter the water well: Acquire a good device to filter the water, but not too powerful, because the triggerfish is quite slow and could be damaged.
He will sleep on his side: They have the strange habit that they sleep on their side. When a fish is on its side, it is usually associated with being sick. In this case, you do not have to worry, unless you see that he behaves violently or refuses food.
Thoroughly clean the aquarium: Do not change the water continuously, just change 25% of the total every week and at least once a month clean the aquarium thoroughly to eliminate fish waste. Be very careful when removing the fish because if teeth are very strong and it can do you enough damage if it bites you.
Varieties of the crossbow fish
Although it is a quiet species, are very territorial, so it is better to put in the aquarium different varieties of crossbow fish that exist. The most famous to which you can resort are:

Crossbow Clown
Blue crossbow
Black crossbow
Ballesta Picasso
They can live with other species, but remember, they are carnivorous fish so they could try to eat them.

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