How to care for a betta fish

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The betta fish or also known as the Siam fighter (Betta splendens) can be a very curious species to care for, because of its striking shape and how beautiful it is to see it move around the aquarium, however, it turns out to be a type of fish that does not It is very close to companionship with other fish.

We will talk about how to take care of a betta fish with some general advice, as well as what fish you can put in the tank with it.

How to properly care for a betta fish
Watch who puts with this fish: The betta fish turns out to be very territorial, so it does not support that there are other fish nearby. At the time of putting it with one of the same species it is best that it is a female, because if it is a male they will fight for their territory and that can end with the death of one of them.
Purchase a large aquarium: Betta fish require a lot of space to swim because of its huge tail and the water must reach a depth of at least 15 cm so that they do not have any problem when it comes to moving.
Put natural vegetation: Betta fish tend to sleep on plants, so if you put artificial vegetation your tail could get hooked and then end up tearing. So, acquire natural plants so that the betta fish feels more comfortable.
Filter the water with care: When you put the filter, you should try to make it as smooth as possible, this way you will not create currents that harm the fish. In addition, you will not have to oxygenate the water, since the betta fish can breathe water from both the surface and the water.
Keep the temperature stable: These fish have to be in a water that is between 25 and 30 degrees, so you should buy a heater with thermostat to have well controlled water temperature.
Give the right food: The food of these fish should be rich in protein and sometimes it would be advisable to eat mosquito larvae, small worms, worms … but especially dry or frozen food is the best option. During the first three months you will have to feed him twice a day, then, once a day will suffice.
Use specific products: At the time of cleaning the aquarium, at least once a month, you will have to use specific products. Do not use bleach or any other abrasive product, as that would end your fish’s life.
Place stones in the bottom: As it will serve as a resting area and capture manure, making cleaning easier.
Who is compatible and not compatible with betta fish?
As stated above, the betta fish is a very territorial animal, but it can be compatible with this kind of fish:

Freshwater mussels
It is not compatible with:
Fish that are colorful
Fish with long fins
Fishes that have a nervous personality
Fish that remain on the plants or in the upper parts of the aquarium
But, above all, it is a fish compatible with those of its own species as long as it is female. In that case, it will not matter if you put more than one female in the water.

River Crabs
Cherry prawns
Being a fish that eats so little, it actually makes looking after a betta fish extremely easy. You just have to be careful with which class you join so that you are calm.

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