How to care for a ballerina fish

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The dancer fish is a species of fish that is bred only in captivity. Many consider it a variety of Carp or Carassius species.

Their care is not extremely complicated, but it is not ideal for when you want children to learn what responsibility is.

Tips to properly care for a dancing fish
Give a large fish tank: The dancer fish are considered large, so it will not be enough with a ball bowl, because it can not develop well. You will need an aquarium to be able to develop correctly. At least you will need a 40-liter aquarium.
Clean the fish tank often: The dancer fish is one of the species that throw most debris to the bottom of the aquarium, so you will have to clean it at least once a week the area of ​​the stones and twice a month change the water to that does not turn green
Temperature control: Although the dancer fish are used to supporting low temperature waters, the most normal thing is that the water temperature is between 14/24 ºC.
Place an air pump: These fish depend a lot on the air, so you will need an oxygen pump in the aquarium that you decide to put them on. If you are going to put more than one fish, and the aquarium is very large, you still need more than one.
Change the water regularly: The water will have to change completely every 3 weeks, or try to remove it by 35% per week. Remember that it is a fish that throws away a lot of excrement, so you will have to continually control the tank or the aquarium so that it does not get dirty and bother other fish.
Watch the food: These fish need to eat 2 to 3 times a day. The normal thing is to give commercial dry food or worms, but it is also good to give them from time to time porridges of vegetables, fruit or nori algae.
Try that the air filter is not very strong: The dancer species are slow-moving fish, so if you put the water filter too strong you may end up dragging it.
Analyze well what partners you want to put them: Think first that the dancer fish are cold water fish and that they will not be compatible with tropical hot water fish. But, the most important thing is that they are slow-moving fish and, in spite of their large size, there are others of small size that are dedicated to attacking these, being a variety of Goldfish. Also, if the fish you add are too fast, they can leave your dancing fish without food.
Fish compatible with the dancing fish
If you are going to put fish in the aquarium with your dancing fish, then the most compatible are:

Dancer: Another dancer fish would be ideal, but you’ll have to have a bigger aquarium to have both.
Goldfish: Any fish of the Goldfish variety will come very well to keep your dancing fish company, because being of the same species will get along well.
Telescope: Being fish that swim through the bottom of the aquarium and move quite slow, do not disturb your fish.
Comet: It is another variety very well compatible with the dancer fish.
American flag: Another slow speed fish that will get along very well with the dancing fish.

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